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  • 16 Feb 2022 10:36 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Philadelphia has recently seen a marked decline in cases after a massive spike driven by the more transmissible omicron variant of COVID-19

    Philadelphia Restaurants No Longer Required to Check Customers’ Vaccine Status – NBC10 Philadelphia (

  • 15 Feb 2022 1:50 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Philadelphia officials will announce changes to COVID-19 mitigation during their weekly coronavirus response briefing on Wednesday, according to Mayor Jim Kenney.

  • 14 Feb 2022 2:07 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Stateside Vodka will take your jersey in exchange for a gift card.

    That's right: you can get a $25 gift card for Stateside just by giving them your now useless Simmons jersey.

    Philly Vodka Maker Offering Gift Cards For Ben Simmons Jerseys (

  • 10 Feb 2022 2:53 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    How can citizens nurture constructive dialogue that respects everyone and helps make our society more equitable and inclusive? How can we live more meaningful, engaged, and responsible lives? Join Hugh Taft-Morales, Leader of the Philadelphia Ethical Society, for a series of guided conversations about community, difference and justice. Let’s brainstorm about the following challenges to our democracy: How should we think of the public school system? Are flourishing schools for all fundamental for the future of democracy? How should we approach equity in funding, given that schools in wealthy areas often are better funded and have additional support through extra fundraising programs? What is a fair funding formula? What role do charter schools play in our public dialogue about education? How should schools be structured so that they prepare young people to be engaged citizens? Hosted by Maggie Mund

    View presentation here

  • 10 Feb 2022 10:59 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    CCRA held its monthly board meeting on Tuesday, February 8. The Logan Square Neighborhood Association joined CCRA to hear Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw and the new 9th District Police Captain Colleen Billups give an update on our neighborhoods and the city. Presented by Rick Gross, CCRA President and Dennis Boylan, LSNA President.

    View presentation

  • 09 Feb 2022 9:42 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

     Loathed, feared, and now under attack. Only Eyewitness News has the details on Philadelphia parking officers being attacked while on the job. Disturbing new numbers show just how dangerous their job has become.

    Exclusive: Attacks On Philadelphia Parking Authority Officers Have ‘Risen Dramatically’ Since 2018 (

  • 08 Feb 2022 9:44 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)
    • A man was shot to death in Center City Philadelphia overnight.
    • The man was found on Walnut Street early Tuesday but had been shot nearby at Juniper and Chancellor streets, Philadelphia police said.
    • Police hoped surveillance video and witness statements would help them track down the killer(s).
    Man Gunned Down in Center City Philadelphia (
  • 07 Feb 2022 12:15 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Museum of the American Revolution.


    Black History Month at the Museum

    Explore Stories of Unsung Revolutionaries

    Celebrate Black History Month and explore the stories of unsung Revolutionaries with the Museum this February. Through the Museum’s galleries, special exhibition, events for all ages, and online resources, experience a fuller and more inclusive history of the nation’s beginnings and discover that the Revolutionary story is for everyone.

        Start Exploring    

    “I particularly liked how the story of the Indigenous people and enslaved people are not side notes, as so often is the case. The inclusion of many voices and perspectives was really well done. We will come back!”
    — Visitor Laurie C.

    A man looking at a painting.

    WATCH: Troiani's "Brave Men as Ever Fought"

    Take a closer look at this historic moment

    Watch as Michael Idriss, African American Interpretive Fellow, explores one of Troiani's latest works depicting young James Forten — a free Black Philadelphian, Revolutionary War privateer, and abolitionist — watching Black and Native American troops of the Continental Army's Rhode Island Regiment marching past the Pennsylvania State House en route to Yorktown, Virginia on Sept. 2, 1781.

    Watch Now

    A Black actor in a costume of an 18th century American sailor.

    Upcoming Events

    Don’t Miss These Special Programs

    Special events and programs will explore the essential contributions of free and enslaved people of African descent, including a virtual “Meet James Forten” evening event, a forum on racial understanding, and a Read the Revolution Speaker Series event with Dr. Kari J. Winter.

    Reserve Seats Now

    A water color painting of a Black woman from 18th century America.

    EXPLORE: Finding Freedom Interactive

    People of African descent in war-torn Virginia

    In 1781, over 200,000 enslaved men, women, and children labored in Virginia’s fields, kitchens, stables, and shops. Discover the difficult decisions free and enslaved people of African descent made when the Revolutionary War tore through Virginia. Along the way you'll meet Eve, a young woman trying to keep her family together, 15-year-old trumpeter for the British Army, London, and many others.

    Explore Their Stories

    An actress dressed in 18th century colonial American clothing.

    WATCH: "Meet Elizabeth Freeman"

    First-Person Theatrical Performance

    Watch the original first-person theatrical performance portraying the life and experiences of Elizabeth Freeman, a Massachusetts woman who sued for her freedom from enslavement and won, produced in conjunction with our past special exhibit, When Women Lost the Vote: A Revolutionary Story, 1776-1807. "Meet Elizabeth Freeman" stars Tiffany Bacon as Elizabeth Freeman and was written by Teresa Miller.

    Watch Now

    A group of people wearing face masks and talking in a museum gallery.

    Explore Even More Stories in Our Galleries

    Explore more stories of free and enslaved people of African descent during the Revolutionary era. Meet Deborah Squash, who ran away from Mount Vernon and sought protection with the British Army; Olaudah Equiano, who purchased his own freedom and published a memoir; and Crispus Attucks, a dockworker of African and Native descent killed during the Boston Massacre and considered by many to be the first casualty of the American Revolution.

    Plan Your Visit | Virtual Tour

    A Fool's Errand book cover.

    Shop & Read

    A Fool's Errand by Lonnie Bunch | $29.95

    In its first four months of operation, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture surpassed one million visits and quickly became a cherished, vital monument to the African American experience. And yet this accomplishment was never assured. In A Fool’s Errand, founding director Lonnie Bunch tells what it took to realize this shared dream of many generations.

    Buy The Book

    “One of the aspects I enjoyed was how [the Museum] considers, as an integral part of the story, the difficult choices that had to be made by enslaved Africans and African Americans, by native Americans, and the role and challenges faced by women on different sides of the war.”
    — Visitor Clare C.

    Health & Safety Updates

    All visitors ages 5 and up will be required to show proof of vaccination upon entry; visitors 18 and older must also show a matching valid ID. An original CDC vaccination card or a photo or electronic copy of the card are all acceptable forms of documentation. Proof of a negative COVID test will not be accepted. Masks are required for visitors ages 2 and up. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate these challenging times.

        Learn More    

    View our safety protocols.

    Donate    |    Join    |    Visit

    Museum of the American Revolution
    101 South Third Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 US

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