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CCRA Standing Committees



  • Publish CCRA This Week as a current organ of information relevant to the membership
  • Publish the Center City Quarterly as an informational newsletter that will include relevant articles, community events, and activities within the CCRA neighborhood for residents of all ages and advertisements that informs residents of businesses serving the neighborhood, and
  • Maintain CCRA’s presence on social media websites.


  • Recruit writers to author articles geared to different age groups with emphasis on young professionals and families to support CCRA’s goal of attracting and retaining this group as members, and
  • Attract and maintain advertisers.



  • Assure CCRA has predictable, reliable and sufficient sources of funding.
  • Ensure the fiscal integrity of CCRA.


  • Generate $30 K in event sponsorships annually
  • Develop new sources of funding, such as high value donors or foundations, that bring in another $30 K annually


The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Executive Vice President, the four Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and one member of the Board who shall not be an officer and shall be selected annually by the President with the approval of the Board. The Executive Committee shall have full power to act on behalf of the corporation in all matters requiring attention between meetings of the Board. Whenever possible, such action of the Executive Committee should be made subject to ratification by the Board as soon as reasonably practicable. In such case, the Executive Committee shall as soon as reasonably possible notify the Board in writing of its proposed action. If, within two (2) business days of receipt of such notice, five (5) or more non-Executive Committee members of the Board who otherwise would be eligible to vote on the issue provide written notice of their disagreement with the proposed action, the proposed action shall be suspended until considered at the next meeting of the Board where such consideration is feasible. Motions made by the Executive Committee that are binding on the corporation require majority approval of the full Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall meet prior to each regular Board meeting. Additional meetings may be called, at any time, by the President. The minutes of each meeting of the Executive Committee shall be provided to the Board at or before the ensuing Board meeting.



  • Assist the Executive Committee and Board in the creation of an organizational budget and its maintenance throughout the fiscal year and beyond.
  • Ensure the fiscal integrity of CCRA.


  • Develop the annual budget with input from all other committees and event chairs;
  • Track and actively manage the budget.
  • Develop a multi-year budget tied to a long-range plan to ensure that there’s continuity between administrations.
  • Manage audit and IRS Form 990 process with CPA firm.



  • To empower the residents of Center City West to confront increasing challenges to our natural environment.


  • Increase our neighborhood’s tree canopy from its current level of 12 percent to 30 percent,
  • Protect the health of the bordering Schuylkill River,
  • Advocate for urban wildlife,
  • Educate and galvanize residents about green opportunities, and
  • Advocate for responsible development that incorporates sustainable design elements. 

View the Green Committee's website here



  • Create a better understanding of historic preservation issues among the CCRA membership and our community,
  • Encourage sound preservation practices among the building owners in our neighborhood, and
  • Work with the Historic Commission of the City of Philadelphia and the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia to our mutual benefit.


  • Advise the Board and Zoning Committee on preservation issues,
  • Write articles for the Center City Quarterly newsletter on topics ranging from sensitive
  • neighborhood beautification to researching the history of properties.



Recognizing the diversity of residents of Center City West and their changing needs, the membership committee seeks to increase the number of members and better the retention rate across all groups by raising awareness of CCRA’s contributions to the community, promoting the value of our services, and by enhancing the benefits of CCRA membership.


  • Engage members and potential members so that CCRA can serve as a more effective resource and so that CCRA can better respond to members’ concerns;
  • Ensure that CCRA represents all of the community by including under represented groups;
  • Enhance the Merchant Partner & Business Membership programs so that they serve as a more impactful benefit to both the local business community and to CCRA members; 
  • Advance the Stewardship Program to better educate and engage members and involve them in a CCRA committee, volunteer opportunity or leadership service;
  • Create mission-based membership events and/or activities that address the interests of the community and promote the organization and its visibility;
  • Implement best practices striving to be an innovative and leading edge program.



  • Seek qualified, diverse and engaged leaders to nominate as officers and directors who will carry out the mission and programs of the organization.


  • Help recruit and maintain a waiting list of qualified and diverse board member candidates.



  • Ensure that the streets and sidewalks in CCRA’s neighborhood are clean and physically safe;
  • Ensure that regulations relating to exposed dumpsters are complied with.
  • Address potholes; abandoned cars and bicycles; and problems with streetlights, signs, traffic signals, trash/recycling pick-ups, and snow removal.
  • Work with OTIS to address bicycle and bus lane improvements.
  • Monitor CCRA’s contract with the Center City District for day of trash pick-up sidewalk sweeping and seasonal gingko berry clean-ups.



  • Provide a monthly public forum in which to discuss construction projects that require variances to the City’s zoning code.


  • Obtain decisions at the ZBA that are consistent with CCRA positions and 
  • Help to direct growth in the CCRA neighborhood that reinforces and strengthens the positive characteristics of the neighborhood and the adjacent commercial corridors.

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