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New Owners Membership Program

Welcome to our Community!

CCRA has partnered with area realtors to offer a free 6-month individual or household membership to anyone who has recently purchased a home in our community. If you accept the offer, then as a CCRA member you will be entitled to the same benefits as our other resident members, including these:

·        Discounts at participating businesses (click here to view a growing list of merchants)

·        The right to attend monthly Board meetings and Zoning Committee meetings

·        The right to seek a position on the CCRA Board or on a committee

·        The right to apply, as a CCRA member, for a garden plot in the Schuylkill River Community Garden

·        The opportunity to attend various CCRA-sponsored events, such as the Annual Meeting (with a right to vote), Celebration of Center City Living, family and social gatherings, and educational and other community programs

After you receive your “CCRA Realtor Certificate” with the award number, click here to sign up.

Select which membership you would like. Close to the end of your 6-month membership, we will remind you of the renewal date and the dues for a full year’s membership -- and we hope you will renew. Click Next.

Enter your email address. Click Next.

Enter your contact information and type in your award number. Click Next.

You are now registered. Welcome to CCRA!

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