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  • 04 Oct 2022 10:13 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Philadelphia is partnering with a company connected to Google to test a loading zones pilot program.

    Philadelphia to launch ‘Smart Loading Zones’ pilot program - WHYY

  • 30 Sep 2022 11:36 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    On Tuesday, Sept 29, CCRA held its Annual Meeting in person.  This is the first Annual meeting held in person since the pandemic.  

    Members of CCRA voted unanimously 7 new board members.  These members are:

    Michael Coleman – Michael, a native of Allentown, has made Philadelphia his home since graduating from college and law school at Penn (except for two years after law school, working at the SEC in D.C.).  Michael’s had two careers:  practicing law for 19 years, including 11 years as a partner at Pepper Hamilton, and then starting and managing a legal search, recruiting and placement firm for 26 years.  Since late 2020, Michael and his wife, Ellen, have lived on Rittenhouse Square.  Michael’s non-career interests have focused on: expanding the City’s visibility as a vibrant, well-regarded arts and culture community (he was a founder of Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (PVLA) and a long time Board member of Philadelphia Theatre Company); and mentoring, career counseling, and helping students from underserved communities. He is an active member of CCRA’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee.

    Kate Federico (incumbent) - Born and raised in Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, Kate Federico has been a licensed Realtor in the Philadelphia, Center City area since 2001. She has been on the CCRA Board for 15 + years co-chairing the Association's Annual Rittenhouse / Fitler Square House Tour with her Mother, Kathleen, and most recently participated on the Events Committee for the very successful 75th Year Celebration Gala. Volunteering in the community is rewarding and fulfilling for her and she loves meeting and serving her neighbors. 

    Gilbert Feinberg (incumbent)- Gil has studied, lived and worked in Center City since 1970 and now resides in the Rittenhouse Square area with his wife, Nadeen Van Tuyle.  Gil is a sole practitioner attorney specializing in estate planning and settlement.  Gil is current board member and past president of Gretna Music and now serves on the board of Singing City.

    Bill Goldstein (incumbent)- Bill Goldstein is a life-long Philadelphia resident, having grown up in West Oak Lane, across the street from the original Ben & Irv’s Delicatessen. He graduated from Central (215 class), Penn (College ’64, Law 67) and will be married (to Joan) 55 years in May. Bill has lived full-time in the Murano since 2013.

    Richard Huffman (incumbent) - Richard FAIA is a retired architect partner at Wallace Roberts and Todd.  He and his wife, Susan have lived and raised a family for 50 years in Center City.  His other board assignments include CPDC, Friends Select School, AIA and Urban Land Institute.

    Leo Levinson - Leo Levinson loves Center City Philadelphia, and especially our district.  He and his wife enjoy spending 12 months a year living here, as they are not shore people nor snowbirds.  Leo also works in our district – he owns GroupLevinson Public Relations, one of the highest rated branding and PR firms in Philadelphia.  Leo is already active in CCRA as our magazine’s roving food writer.

    Bill West - For the last several years I have served as co-chair of CCRA's streets committee, which focuses on helping to make our streets safe, useful, and pleasant for everyone. Other committees are engaged in complementary activities - such as the effort to revitalize our neighborhood tree canopy and the push to find better ways to collect our trash. Altogether these initiatives amount to an attempt to reimagine our streets - what do we use them for, and how do we use them? I have come to believe that I can be more useful in this overall effort if I become a member of the board, in addition to my duties on the streets committee. 

  • 27 Sep 2022 11:32 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Now that summer's over and fall is gaining momentum, many of us are gravitating towards the rich, warm tones and cooler temperatures of autumn.  If you’re wondering which fall flowers and plants to add to your fall window box arrangements, here are a few suggestions that will add color to your window displays.


    These feathery flowers, also called Cockscombs, can be found in fiery red, purple, and gold, making them the ideal fall flowers for your window boxes. The celosia plant loves full sun or partial shade, as long as they receive 8 hours of sun per day. They love moist, but not wet, well-drained soil, so plant them with other plants that love the same conditions.


    Always a popular addition to fall gardens, flowering kale displays blue, purple, and green leaves for a show-stopping blossom. These flowering beauties love full sun but can dry out easily, so will need to be kept well-watered even in cooler weather (which these plants love—50 to 60 degrees is their sweet spot). And when you are done using them in your window gardens, you can enjoy these edible plants in salads and other fresh recipes!


    These plants add vibrant color and charming shapes to any autumn garden. The pepper itself comes in red, purple, yellow, black, and white, and are safe to eat but are typically used for their attractive appearance rather than their edibility. Keep them in a sunny window and let their soil dry out between watering for a healthy plant.


    A fall classic, the mum flower can be found in shades of green, orange, red, pink, purple, yellow, and white. They can be grown in partial shade or full sun and are the perfect “bed” to fill your window boxes with to get a base of popping color. Easy to grow, mums prefer well-drained soil that is consistently moist (but not soggy). They require only 6 hours of sun a day and are known to be hardy in most conditions. When planting them in your window box, be mindful to space them out properly or they can become overcrowded as they grow.


    Purple fountain grass is an ornamental grass that is characterized by its dark burgundy/black plumes. A perfect “thriller” plant for your window boxes, purple fountain grass is also drought-tolerant and does best in full sun conditions. Be sure to leave plenty of room for this plant to grow, as it will quickly grow twice to sometimes three times its size. This textural plant loves well-drained soil and does best when it’s allowed to dry out between waterings.


    The vibrant color variations of the coleus plant will act as the “thriller” of your fall window box.  Perfect for growing in window boxes and planters, coleus plants won’t outgrow the container they are planted in. Although coleus plants prefer full sun (and achieve the most vivid of colors with it), they will tolerate partial shade. Coleus thrives in warm temperatures (70 degrees and above) and does not do well when temperatures dip below 50 degrees, so they will need to be brought in once it gets cold. Luckily, coleus is easy to transplant and propagate, and make excellent houseplants if given enough light.

    There are other plants that enjoy the cooler temperatures - such as various types of lettuce.  Try out some to see what looks best.  Here are some pictures from the neighborhood taken by CCRA board member Benjamin Zuckerman.

  • 26 Sep 2022 12:21 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)
    • Monday, September 26, though Friday, September 30, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, a lane closure is scheduled on Market Street between 20th Street and 15th Street for casting replacement;
    • Monday, September 26, though Friday, September 30, from 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM the following morning, a lane closure is scheduled on Market Street between 34th Street and 15th Street for milling.

  • 23 Sep 2022 10:51 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Two Philly-area restaurants — Gabriella’s Vietnam in East Passyunk and Andiario in West Chester — have something to celebrate: They were named among the New York Times’ top 50 restaurants of 2022.

  • 22 Sep 2022 1:14 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Many of the protections have now been restored thanks to the signing earlier this month of City Council Bill 200118. The Bill came about through the efforts of CCRA's Remapping Committee working with the City Planning Commission, City Council members, the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia, and fellow RCOs in Center City. 

    View Bill Here

  • 22 Sep 2022 10:03 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    A 41-year-old man was shot in the abdomen along South 20th Street near Sansom Street shortly after 7 p.m., police said

    Man Shot During Argument With Driver in Rittenhouse – NBC10 Philadelphia (

  • 19 Sep 2022 3:05 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Enhanced enforcement of bus lane restrictions along some of Philadelphia's busiest downtown streets will mean more tickets for drivers who don't follow the rules of the road, transportation officials said Monday.

    PPA to Increase Ticketing of Illegal Bus and Bike Lane Parking – NBC10 Philadelphia (

  • 14 Sep 2022 3:54 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Amtrak has canceled all long-distance trains nationwide starting Thursday, as it prepares for a possible freight-rail strike that would impact its service.

    Amtrak Status: All Long-Distance Trains Cancelled as of Thursday – NBC New York

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