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  • 23 Jul 2020 11:33 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Non-binary now gender option on Pennsylvania driver’s licenses, ID cards

    Non-binary will now be a gender option on Pennsylvania driver’s licenses and ID cards, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced Thursday.

    “In keeping with its dedicated efforts to provide commonwealth citizens with fair and equitable services, PennDOT announced today that it now offers a non-binary gender designation option for its driver licenses and photo identification cards,” a news release said.

    Gender designation options on Pennsylvania drivers licenses and photo ID cards will now be “M” (male), “F” (female) or “X” (non-binary).

  • 22 Jul 2020 1:54 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    VoteSafe Pennsylvania has launched a statewide bipartisan campaign that aims to ensure every Pennsylvania voter has access to safe voting options for the November election.

    As covid-19 threatens to disrupt traditional voting procedures, VoteSafe Pennsylvania is advocating for secure mail-in ballots and safe in-person voting sites. The group is also educating voters about what voting options are available to them, as this year marks the first time all Pennsylvania voters can vote via mail-in ballot.

  • 22 Jul 2020 10:19 AM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    These actions requiring officers to undergo pre-employment background checks and mental health evaluations are just a start toward a fairer and better system for everyone.

  • 21 Jul 2020 2:05 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    As the City Reopens with Care, organizations and sites across the city still need volunteers to do things like:

    If you are able to volunteer, please take a look at the opportunities available through the Mayor's Volunteer Corps portal and sign up!

    If you aren't able to volunteer at this time, please help us spread the word!
    Visit e Mayor's Volunteer Corps portal to search and sign up for volunteer opportunities

    If you are interested in volunteering and feel safer at home, there are virtual volunteer opportunities like:

    Search virtual volunteer opportunities

  • 20 Jul 2020 2:55 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

     There is a scheduled protest for tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21 from 8pm-10pm in the Square.  The number of participants is very low as of now, but that could change.  A police presence will be there regardless.  Please be safe.

  • 20 Jul 2020 2:26 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Mayor Jim Kenney and other City officials today provided an update on the City’s Pathways to Reform, Transformation and Reconciliation. The effort is supported by a Steering Committee of diverse civic, business, and faith leaders. The committee was created last month to help the City enact a meaningful agenda for reform, reimagine public safety, and advance racial justice. 

    The Steering Committee’s role is to advise, inform, connect, and work to eliminate race-based disparities in Philadelphia communities and promote racial and social justice across institutions.

    The committee is staffed by senior City staff, who support the planning and implementation of reform, transformation and reconciliation strategies developed by the Steering Committee. The City’s internal work group that supports the committee is co-chaired by Deputy Mayor Cynthia Figueroa, City Solicitor Marcel Pratt, and Acting Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Nefertiri Sickout. 

    The Steering Committee’s short- and long-term objectives will be released next month. Members of the public can sign up to receive updates from the Steering Committee. For more information about the City’s reform, transformation, and reconciliation work, visit the webpage below!

    Pathways to Reform

  • 20 Jul 2020 2:24 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Due to an expected high heat index, the Health Department had declared a Heat Health Emergency today, Monday, July 20th. 

    Residents should take special care to avoid the heat and get into air conditioning. The City has also activated the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's Heatline, a free service that can connect residents to Health Department nurses who can help assess situations and offer recommendations on the best way to stay safe.
    Because some folks will have difficulty with reaching air conditioning, the City will be opening sites where Philadelphians can cool off safely. They include libraries, schools, SEPTA buses, and spraygrounds throughout this city. 

    Learn more below and please check on your neighbors and loved ones!

    Heat Emergency Guidance

  • 20 Jul 2020 12:03 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    There has been so much happening in our neighborhood and our city lately, it's getting harder to keep track.  I am happy to report that more restaurants and retail establishments are opening daily, giving a real semblance of activity to our previously bare sidewalks.  However, COVID and protests continue, there are changes in the city government, fireworks exploding at all hours, and an abundance of motorcycles revving up their engines in the early morning. We want you to know that we are repeatedly bringing these quality of life matters to our government representatives and will report back to you.  But there are some things you can do to help.

    COVID - cases are rising. Yesterday, Gov. Wolf imposed new restrictions on the state. We can still play our part to flatten the curve by wearing a mask or facial covering and practice social distancing. Like Gov. Wolf stated, "we will not become Florida."

    Outdoor dining - restaurants are supposed to ensure all patrons are seated at tables. No loitering is allowed. If you see someone loitering, call 3-1-1.

    Noise complaints - the fireworks continue to be a nuisance. There have been over 8500 calls reported to 9-1-1 since Memorial Day. Keep reporting them to the police. Also, CCRA received a few reports on motorcycle noises in the early morning hours. We have contacted the 9th District Police Dept. and we advise you to do the same. We will let you know of any updates on our website, enewsletter, and social media outlets.

    Let's face it, 2020 has been terrible, but we need to stay strong. We have weathered many storms, and although this year seems like a never-ending Category 5 hurricane, we'll get thought it. We are here for you.

  • 19 Jul 2020 7:28 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

    Philadelphians are doing a better job of wearing masks than residents of many other U.S. cities. At least, they say they are.

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