Lombard/South Bike Barrier Proposal

Community Meeting/Listening Session on Lombard/South Bike Barriers, Mon., 7/17, 5:30-7:00 PM, at The Philadelphia School (25th and South Streets)

The Office of Transportation Infrastructure (OTIS) is holding a community meeting on Monday, July 17, 2017 at the 5:30-7:00 PM at The Philadelphia School (25th and South Streets) to present its proposals for Lombard and South.  We encourage you to attend, to listen, and to voice your thoughts.  Their flyer is here.

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Bike Lane Dividers: the Results are In!


We asked for emails about proposed bike barriers for Lombard and South. We received many thoughtful responses. Neighbors on the impacted blocks are 4-2 against. Elsewhere, it's 25-5 in favor.

The Comments are Here  (They've been anonymized to protect privacy and promote candor.)


Clarification:  There seems to be confusion on whether loading is legal in bike lanes. It is, according to the Bicycle Coalition website.  (“On streets with right-hand bike lanes, the bicycle lane is the proper load/unload position for vehicles.” “The bike lanes are the legal loading/unloading zone for delivery trucks and private vehicles dropping off people or cargo.”) 

The survey:


We asked for comments from our newsletter readers and from CCRA members on South and Lombard Streets who live on the impacted blocks (25 of you) or down the street (34 of you).

We received 41 responses overall, 7 of which came from neighbors on impacted blocks.  41 responses out of over 1,000 emails is not a particularly reliable sample size for overall neighborhood sentiment. 


The response:


Immediate Neighbor Responses:


4 were strongly negative.  2 were positive.  One took no explicit position but expressed major concerns about loading issues.


General Area Responses:


24 in support, 1 “yes but” recognizing the need for church parking, 5 in opposition and 3 that didn’t fit clearly into support.


            Comment Summary:


The predominant concern among opponents was loading and unloading children, other passengers, groceries, etc.  This concern included ride-share, restaurant delivery, package delivery, and school buses as well as personal loading/unloading. 


Many people, even those in favor, expressed unhappiness with the unlawful and dangerous conduct of cyclists in this town.  Many also expressed unhappiness with the unlawful and dangerous conduct of motorists in this town.  Perhaps we could all exercise a little more care, regardless of whether we're on two wheels or four. 

A note from CCRA Pres. Chuck Goodwin: In 6 or so years as Bd. member/VP/Pres., nothing has been more controversial than anything having to do with bicycles. People will get mad at us for posting these materials because they think we're soliciting support. Others will get mad on the assumption we're soliciting criticism. They're both wrong. We're soliciting input from people who live here. That's our job.  

One thing should never be controversial: residents in this (or any) community should not be an afterthought in any planning process. Plans should be made with us and by us, not merely for us. CCRA's purpose is to facilitate community engagement.  Hopefully, advocates on both sides will now engage with our community to do what is best for this  community. 

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